Imagine your orchard or vineyard with nice clean rows
acre after acre and year after year

Now, imagine not having to deal with the following headaches:
– Breakdowns & difficult repairs
– Herbicide costs
– Damage to trees, vines, sprinklers and trellising
– Repeat stops for water, herbicide, or flaming fuel
The Wonder Weeder is the ONLY cultivator on the market that offer the professional grower:
– Productivity:  weed up to 40 acres a day, including between trees and vines
– Versatility:  front-mounting means you can weed and complete rear-mounted operations (mowing, spraying, etc.) simulatneously
– Durability:  Rugged construction with one cunsumable part
– Easy of use:  intuitive control.  New operators use it well with little or no training and can complete any mainanance or repairs themselves
– Natural:  shallow cultivation is effective, yet does not disrupt soil structure.  Non-powered heads do not throw rocks in the drive/mow row and provide added safety

See it to Believe it

Click HERE to see a short demonstration video (under 1 minute).
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